Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please feel free to call Fire 20 Softwash and one of our soft wash and pressure washing experts will be happy to answer all of our questions.

Softwashing is a cleaning process that uses low pressure to apply a mixture of biodegradable mildewcides, algaecides, and soaps, blended for your particular needs. These solutions safely and effectively remove mold, mildew, algae, moss, and airborne contaminants without damaging your property or plants. Soft washing cleans better and uses less water than pressure washing, and it is safe to use on siding materials, like stucco, Dryvit, vinyl, aluminum, EIFS, brick and stone, and synthetics. It may also be used to clean composite decking materials like Trex, painted surfaces, wood, and more.

All the products we use are 100% biodegradable. We take great care to pre-soak or cover all plants as needed so you don’t have to worry about plant loss.

All the products we use are 100% biodegradable. We take great care to pre-soak or cover all plants as needed so you don’t have to worry about plant loss.

It depends on environmental conditions and the amount of trees around your property, but your roof should remain free of black stains for 4 to 6 years after the treatment.

In most cases, you will see the results within minutes but, if the roof has actively growing moss, it could take a couple of weeks for the treatment to penetrate and reach the root system.

Soft Washing uses about as much pressure as a regular garden hose. It is the method approved the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturing Association (ARMA) so it won’t void your warranty, and it is recommended by most of the larger insurance companies as a form of general maintenance.

The softwashing process was created over twenty years ago. It is widely acknowledged as a safe cleaning method, and thousands of people have used this method for exterior cleaning purposes. Exclusive hotels and businesses in Florida – such as Disney, Universal Studios, and government installments use this type of cleaning regularly. It is becoming a popular addition to the industry, and you will see for yourself how effective it is once you try it.

The main difference between soft washing and pressure washing is the amount of water used and the pressure it applies to the surface being cleaned. Pressure washing uses high pressure and cleans off the surface layer, whereas soft washing gets rid of the bacteria that create the staining. Softwashing treatments last much longer than pressure-washing treatments, and softwashing is less likely to cause damage than high-pressure cleaning.

We are very concerned that the products and the application methods we use are safe for you, your landscape, your kids, your pets, and your surfaces. The cleaning products we use in our soft wash and pressure washing systems are 100% biodegradable and have extremely low VOC (volatile organic compounds) discharges. They are non-toxic so no unsafe chemicals are released into the area surrounding your property.

Soft Washing is more ecologically friendly than pressure/power washing, for the following reasons:

  • Every one of our cleaning options is 100% biodegradable
  • Our cleaning solutions have extremely low VOCs
  • Softwashing uses 1/3 the water of pressure washing does
  • Our cleanings last four to six times longer than pressure washing, so cleansing is not required as regularly.
  • Our SoftWash Systems cleanings protect materials, such as roof shingles, conserving customers’ money, as well as creating less waste in landfills triggered by particles linked with roofing, fencing, and deck replacement.

Along with roofings, we cleanse all types of building exterior siding, decks, fencings, concrete as well as brick surface areas. Soft washing can be made use of on all types of building materials consisting of timber, brick, concrete, aluminum, vinyl siding, roof shingles, and extra!

We completely ensure all our work. If any discoloration or development of bacteria returns on your roof we have soft washed within one year of our treatment, we’ll provide one complimentary clean. Furthermore, we have a Five-Year Spot Free Warranty. If any kind of staining reoccurs within 5 years of our treatment we will certainly clean it again, at a prorated rate.

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